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Short Name: Rolling Hills Solar PV
Description: This solar PV system installation included 3 arrays, 2 on the main house and 1 on the barn. The homeowners had purchased a Tesla and a Prius and needed to reduce their $800+ electric bill. Thru net metering and SCE TOU EV rate their monthly electric bill will be under $150! At 9 cents per kWh during the super off peak rate it was a good investment.
City:Rolling Hills
County:Los Angeles
ZIP Code:90274
System information
Title for the Installation:Rolling Hills PV EV
Type of System: Solar Photovoltaic/PV: Yes
Solar Water Heating: No
Wind Turbine: No
Location Type: Residential: Yes
Commercial: No
Other: No
Installed Capacity:
(PV/Wind System in Kilowatts)
(PV modules/panels or Wind Tirbine)
Model Number:
(PV modules/panels or Wind Tirbine)
Inverter Manufacturer:Enphase
Inverter Model Number:M215-60-2LL-S22
Date installation completed:6/27/13
Total cost of system:$
System Funding
Was the solar project funded by California Solar Initiative? Yes
Was the solar project funded by New Solar homes Partnership?No
Was the wind project funded by Emerging Renewables Program?    No
Installer Information
Company Name:Howe Custom Home Builders
Contact Name:William Howe
Image Information
Date Photograph Taken:6/28/13
Camera Used:
Images Tags:suniva,enphase,tile roof,ev,prius,tesla