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Inaugural California Solar Initiative (CSI) Newsletter - October 2007

In this Issue
Public Forum Update
Improved Application Process and New Program Handbook
Demand is Booming According to New CPUC Progress Report
BIPV now eligible for EPBB
New Metering Requirements
New Online Reservation & Tracking Tool Available
Inspection Protocol Posted
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CSI Handbook

California Solar Initiative (CSI)
Monthly News

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the CSI Monthly Newsletter. The Program Administrators--California Center for Sustainable Energy (CCSE), Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E), and Southern California Edison (SCE)--would like to thank you for making the CSI program the best solar incentive program in the nation. This newsletter is designed to ensure you are well informed about changes and important news related to the CSI program.

Next CSI Public Forum Held October 12 in San Diego

The Q4 2007 CSI Public Forum will be held at CCSE on October 12, 2007. This is your opportunity to contribute to the CSI program as well as receive important updates on the CSI program.
>> click here to view the agenda, details, and directions.

For those unable to attend in person, a phone-in option is available for everyone as is a WebEx broadcast (limited number of participants).

Improved Application Process and New Program Handbook

For Residential systems of any size and Nonresidential systems under 10kW, the following documents are no longer required: System Description Worksheet, Interconnection Application, System Sizing Justification (5kW and over must still submit documentation), Interconnection Authorization (Interconnection letter sufficient by itself)… and more.
>> click here to view the updated Program Handbook.
>> click here to view the news release.

The September Program Update summarizes recent Program Handbook changes, new CSI resources, and upcoming program issues.
>> click here to view the Program Update.

Demand is Booming According to New CPUC Progress Report

Demand for solar energy is booming under the California Solar Initiative. As of September 18th, the California Solar Initiative has applications for 160 MW of new solar. The program has 5,109 applications, worth $320 million in incentives. The program received 1,200 applications in August alone. The California Public Utilities Commission Energy Division recently released a Staff Progress Report, which describes program implementation since January 2007 and provides detailed program demand statistics.
>> click here to view the report in PDF format.

Building Integrated Photovoltaics Now Eligible for Expected Performance Based Buydown

Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) may now receive incentive payments in one-lump sum through the Expected Performance Based Buydown (EPBB). BIPV projects 100+kW must still receive monthly payments via the Performance Based Incentive (PBI). Stay tuned for changes to the EPBB tool to incorporate these changes.
>> click here
to view the final decision.

New CSI Metering Requirements

ALL Expected Performance Based Buydown (EPBB) systems require meters accurate within +/- 5%. All EPBB can be exempted from PMRS if costs surpass cost cap. All Performance Based Incentive (PBI) systems require meters accurate to within +/- 2% of actual system output. No exemptions for PBI are allowed.
>> click here to view the final decision.

New Online Reservation & Tracking Tool Introduced

The new tool provides a single online resource for entering all new reservations, submitting incentive claims, and tracking all of your company's projects. Using this eliminates many of the duplicate entries necessary in the current process. The tool will be continually improved to add additional functionalities.
>> click here for the statewide reservation and tracking tool.

CSI Inspection Protocol Posted for Public Viewing

As promised at the last Public Forum, details on how the PAs handle CSI Inspections are available. This document will be posted on the PAs Web sites as well.
>> click here to view the document.

Noteworthy & Quote Worthy

“Renewable energy is the biggest business opportunity in the history of humanity. The world must rethink its energy regime. Solar is an important part of the solution.”

--Ted Turner,

“Combining solar power with efficiency will allow Macy's to achieve an estimated 40% reduction in utility-provided energy, almost doubling the impact of solar power alone.”

-Tom Cole,
Vice Chair, Macy's, Inc.

“Without the CSI rebates, we wouldn't be going solar.”

--Bence Oliver,

“After months of serious analysis, it was clear that any one of the stores in which we didn't deploy solar represented money we were walking away from. It was the economics that initially helped our move toward sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint gain traction.”

--Marc Gordon,
Macy’s West

“We have made a public commitment to someday be supplied by 100% renewable energy.”

--Charles Zimmerman,
VP of Prototype and New Format Development, Wal-Mart

Mark Your Calendar

Solar Power 2008 will be held at the San Diego Convention Center, October 13 - 16, 2008 in San Diego, California.

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