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Documents for the California Solar Initiative

California Solar Initiative Program Handbooks

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California Solar Initiative Program Handbook

California Public Utilities Commission,
August 2014
, posted 10/20/14
(Acrobat PDF file, 204 pages, 2.9 MB).

This handbook covers rebates for solar photovoltaics (PV) on existing homes and all other non-residential properties, including the CSI general market program, the MASH program, and the SASH program.

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CSI-Thermal Program Handbook

California Public Utilities Commission,
February 2015
, posted 4/3/2015.
(PDF file, 163 pages, 1.48 MB).

This handbook covers rebates for solar hot water and thermal technology rebates on all homes (new and existing) and all other non-residential properties.

CSI Application Forms

The California Solar Initiative (CSI) online application portal is PowerClerk. In order to apply for CSI via Powerclerk, applicants may be required to upload certain forms in support of their application. The forms required depend on the type of application. For additional information on when forms are required and how they may be submitted, visit the CSI Application Help Matrix page.

  1. Reservation Request Signature Page
  2. Authorization to Receive Customer Information (CCSE Only)
  3. Electrical System Sizing Documentation (XLS File)
  4. Energy Efficiency Commitment Agreeemnt
  5. Field Verification Form
  6. High Cost Justification and Acknowledgment Form

Program Application Supporting Information

California Solar Initiative
CSI-Thermal Program

California Solar Initiative Reporting and Information

Progress Reports
News Releases
Fact Sheets and Brochures

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