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Number of Applications
(includes custom homes)
*This does not include projects or systems that have expired or withdrawn from the NSHP program, but may include some sites that have withdrawn from the NSHP program.
236 Under Review
2,908 Approved*
3,144 Received
Number of Systems Corresponding to the Applications (Including Custom Homes) 5,052 Under Review
33,235 Approved*
100.5 MW AC
$200.0 Million
38,287 Received
Installed Total Capacity
(These numbers are included in the "approved" numbers above)
No. Calif.:
6,262 systems
23.0 MW AC
$57.8 million
So. Calif.:
7,832 systems
21.3 MW AC
$50.7 million

Information as of 12/29/2014.

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