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The Go Solar, California! Community Solar Calendar


Multifamily Opportunities for Solar Contractors

Join the Center for Sustainable Energy and the California Solar Energy Industries Association in a workshop to find out how to tap into the multifamily solar market with virtual net metering.?Ǭ Virtual net metering is a utility agreement available to multi-metered, multitenant properties in California?ǨѢs large IOU territories. This utility agreement enables a single PV system to be shared among onsite common-area and tenant accounts, fostering solar access for tenants and reduced building operating costs for both tenants and property owners. The multifamily building sector makes up 31% of California?ǨѢs entire building stock and has largely been underserved by the solar industry to date.?Ǭ

Agenda items will include:

  • NEM2.0: Virtual Net Metering
  • Contractor Toolkits and online resources
  • Common barriers and considerations: Customer and Utility
  • Opportunities for lead generation and securing projects
  • Q&A

As Administrators of the Solar Market Pathways Virtual Net Metering Market Development Project, CSE's goals for this workshop are to raise awareness and understanding of virtual net metering, provide support and resources to contractors working in the multifamily building sector, and to enable greater solar access to tenants and renters in the SCE service territory by attempting to pair property owners with contractors through our multifamily EnergySage online marketplace.

Registration is highly encouraged. Due to room capacity restrictions, if the registration capacity is reached, you will be placed on a waitlist. We are unable to accept a high volume of walk-ins due to room capacity limitations and food availability. We will host an additional workshop if we see high levels of interest. Lunch will be provided for registered attendees.


For more information, feel free to contact us directly at

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Morgan Chan

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